A Lifetime of Dental Care

Extra Care Becomes Better Health...

While maintenance care plays an important role throughout our life, it becomes more vital as we age. Fillings need to be checked periodically and replaced as needed and regular cleanings become even more important to remove plaque and ward off gingivitis and gum disease.


Maintenance Dental Care









It's important to tell us when you have changes in your medical history, a recent illness or change in medication as they can lead to serious dental problems. As we live longer, the probability of needing prescription medications increases placing new stresses on teeth and gums. High blood pressure medications often dry our mouths out, which can significantly increase your chance of tooth decay, even if you haven't had a cavity in years.


Older fillings, tobacco, coffee, teas and colas often dull and stain teeth. Your smile can be revitalized with simple teeth whitening procedures. With today's new technologies, healthier, happier and brighter smiles can be available to all of us and we'll show you the ways to regain that youthful appearance.


Dentures needn't be bothersome. New technology gives you new solutions that bring a new-found confidence in your smile.

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Dental Care for the Whole Family


Preventive care for everyone in the family....
is the key to having a lifetime of good dental health and an attractive smile. Most people think they have healthy teeth and good dental hygiene, but in reality...

Most American adults show signs of serious gum disease. In fact, this is the real reason why most people lose their teeth (not tooth decay as one might think).

25% of the adult population has suffered from oral pain in the last six months.

30% of all adults over 65 will lose all of their teeth.

90 million Americans suffer from bad breath.


So what’s the solution?

The solution is treating and preventing any bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease by having regular preventive care visits — at least once every 6 months.


Regular Check-ups (The key to sustaining your dental health!)


Cleaning & Proper Hygiene


Fluoride Treatments


Dental Sealants


Night guards

Dentistry for Children

How many times have you said... 


"I wish I had taken better care of my teeth". A lifetime of bright smiles and of good oral health starts when a child is young. From the very first visit, we make the child comfortable and relaxed and talk to them about their teeth. We show them ways to brush and floss and we help them so that it becomes second nature to them.


Children's Dentistry

At the same time, we'll keep you abreast of your child's oral health and plan the future of their care with you. We'll make suggestions on ways to help protect your child's smile. If the child has a cavity or needs another procedure, we perform it with great care and gentleness to help foster their desire to visit again.



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